“Montreal Theory” A Hit During WrestleMania Weekend!


Thank you to everyone who stopped by to visit us this past weekend at either Pro Wrestling Syndicate or at WrestleCon! The opening release was a definite success, as almost every copy from our first printing is already sold out! Fear not, we are already working on printing our second batch so there is NO danger of anyone being left out. Order your DVD today on the right hand of the screen for IMMEDIATE shipping! Don’t forget, you can also grab the digital download (pay once and yours to keep forever) at a 20% savings compared to the DVD!

We spoke to several superstars & legends over the weekend about the “Theory” and we received some VERY interesting “Theories” from many we talked to! Far more people within the industry believe Bret, in fact, WAS in on Montreal than you may realize. Some wished to not speak on camera, but a number of them were VERY willing to speak, and we will have their “Theories” (from the sensible to the insane!) right here over the next couple of weeks!

In the meantime, PLEASE spread the word about “The Montreal Theory” to your friends, social media followers, message boards, etc. We’ve made the DVD and created the “Theory”, now let’s see how many people we can get to buy into a “Theory” presented on the DVD and maybe even form their own!