Official PCW Revengeance 10-23-16 Event Results!

Thank you to everyone who came out to Turners Hall yesterday to be a part of REVENGEANCE! Here are the official results:

“Mind Eraser” Remy LaVey beat “Big Daddy of Destruction” J-Rocc
Wardlow beat Sless Taylor
“Amazing” N8 Mattson beat Nate Wings
Brandon Xavier, Dropkick Dave & Uppercut Ulysses beat Jack Pollock, Seth Allen & Ethan Wright. Jack got the last word however, leveling Dave & Ulysses after the bout
Marti Belle beat Angel Dust, then began challenging everyone in the building, a call that was answered by an unscheduled visiting young wrestler by the name of Joseline.
Andrew Palace beat Derek Direction, Chris LeRusso and Rayo in a four way match.
Ganon Jones Jr. beat Rex Brody. After the match, Ganon continued to run down Cleveland sports until Brandon Xavier came out to challenge Ganon.
Matthew Justice beat Sonny Vice in a wild battle. It appeared Vice may have been on the way to defeating his trainer, but the crafty Justice manipulated the referee to compromise Vice and walked away with a cheap victory.
Gory beat Jason Kincaid in a Lumberjack Match. Things broke down when the referee became caught up in the action and was rendered unresponsive. All of the lumberjacks began fighting until Kincaid took it upon himself to neutralize them all with a breathtaking dive. The unsettling duo of Atticus & Otis Cogar made an unexpected appearance, sizing up the damage, before choosing Nate Wings as their victim to assault, before revealing some sort of relationship between themselves and Gory. Kincaid entered the ring ready to fight everyone, and was joined by Remy LaVey, who would then shock everyone by spraying black mist into Kincaid’s eyes, leading to a vile four-on-one beatdown.

Footage will be online soon, we’ll update a TON on our next event, NOVEMBER PAIN, Sunday, November 13th THIS week!