Official PCW Sunday Melee Results

Official results from PCW Sunday Melee 9/18/16
1. Ace Perry pinned Jack Pollock
2. “Mind Eraser” Remy LaVey beat Joey Vengeance and Derek Direction in a three-way match
3. “One Man Militia” Matthew Justice beat Dale Patricks
4. “The Bev” Bobby Beverly defeated Mance Warner
5. “New Age Plague” Gory defeated Rayo via submission
6. Wardlow & Nickie Valentino beat Dropkick Dave & Uppercut Ulysses
7. Andrew Palace pinned Icarus
8. “Amazing” N8 Mattson beat Sonny Vice (After the match, Matthew Justice, who trained Vice, accused Sonny of lacking the heart and passion to truly succeed, leading to Sonny challenging Matt to a match. This led to a heated physical altercation that had to be separated.
9. Ophidian beat “Heir Apparent” Chris LeRusso
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