PCW “Saturday Night Slam” in Cleveland, OH on Sat Feb 18! **UPDATED 2/16/17 SEVEN MATCHES SIGNED!


PCW returns to Turners Hall with another action packed evening of family fun pro wrestling!

Current scheduled card –

RSP is coming back for more! After a hard-fought successful victory over Ganon Jones Jr., Rickey Shane Page is headed to Turners Hall for another encounter, this time with someone possessing a conniving mind and an overbearing mouth. Chris LeRusso has attempted many times to convince the world of his “Heir Apparent” status, even going so far as to boycott our events until he was put in contention to be the first PCW Champion. Well, the old adage “be careful what you wish for…” is appropriate because, while Chris is in the tournament slated for this March, he first has to battle RSP on Saturday, February 18!

Their last encounter was interrupted by The Culmination, but with The Cogars otherwise occupied and Gory BANNED from the building, Andrew Palace will finally get Remy Lavey one-on-one and there will be NO disqualifications. Remy has completely transformed his way of thinking from when he and Palace broke into the business together, and instead spins complex tales and metaphors that seem to indicate his intent to “fix” the world. Part of that process seemed to be trying to recruit Palace into The Culmination, but Palace wanted nothing to do with it. Who will get the last word when rules are thrown out the window on Sat, Feb 18??

The Cogar Brothers, Atticus & Otis, have been the backbone of The Culmination, always there to wreak havoc and increase the body count when it suits Gory & Remy Lavey’s needs. Their path of terror may hit a roadblock on Saturday, Feb 18, as not only are they outright BANNED from ringside during Remy’s match (and vice-versa), and Gory banned from the entire building, but they also will be forced to finally have a match of their own. In their official PCW in-ring debut, The Cogars meet the underdog cult-heroes of PCW, Dropkick Dave & Uppercut Ulysses! Dropkick & Uppercut have amassed an impressive win-loss record and worked hard to earn respect and adulation from peers and fans alike. Will their tried-and-true arsenal be enough to stop The Cogars or will Dropkick & Uppercut’s feel-good story be cut short?

The future of professional wrestling will be on display in what will surely be a high-octane and adrenaline-fueled showing with four hungry talents looking to make an impact: Gavin Glass – the villainous varsity star whose high school heroics have kept a chip on his shoulder; Ace Perry – the would-be boy band member who has displayed a fearless determination and has set his goal of silencing angry veteran N8 Mattson; Kevin Bennett – the viral hip-hop sensation who has wowed wrestling crowds in the New York and Canada areas and looking to do the same to Ohio in his PCW debut; and Sonny Vice – laid back outside the ring but unpredictable inside of it, Vice has already had to silence multiple critics in very physical fashion to prove he belongs. Which one will escape with a victory in this one-fall spectacle on Sat, Feb 18 in Cleveland, OH?

This past December, “Squared Circle Stuntman” Rex Brody thoroughly embarrassed Derek Direction as payback for Derek trying to ruin everyone’s Christmas. A month later, Derek recruited the mammoth Wardlow as his heavy, and made an example at the expense of Dale Patricks. Now, Derek, with Nickie Valentino’s blessing, leads Wardlow into battle against Brody one-on-one on Saturday, February 18 at 7pm. Has Brody found an obstacle too dangerous to conquer or is Wardlow’s undefeated streak at serious risk?

Ok… this is a new one for us. Derek Direction contacted our offices to state his inability to appear at our event this Saturday due to a planned vacation at Nickelodeon Studios in Orlando (which doesn’t actually exist anymore), where he states his intention to climb the Aggro Crag from “GUTS” and meet Lori Beth Denberg from “All That”. We theorize Derek had planned a trip to avoid meeing his originally scheduled opponent, Dale Patricks. We promise this will all come back to bite Derek in the rear end sooner or later.

That said, “The World’s Most Huggable Wrestler” Bryan Castle will now battle “Old School Muscle” Nickie Valentino in a match of PRIME Wrestling alumni. Both are a little…. well, a lot different and we expect a match to accurately reflect that stat. Castle has proven to fun-loving but also have a temper, especially if you mess with his lucky bandana! Valentino has had success as the man behind Wardlow’s explosion into PCW, and has reaped the rewards accordingly, but still poses a threat on his own as well! What the heck is going to happen when these two personalities are in the same place for the first time in over three years?

Another return to Cleveland we are proud to announce is “Omega” Aaron Draven! Draven is a two-time PWO/PRIME TV Champion, even defeating Amazing N8 Mattson for one of his reigns. He also once teamed with Hall of Famer Kevin Nash to battle Brodie Lee (Luke Harper) and Marion Fontaine at PWO/PRIME Wrestlelution 4! Draven has continued to show his heart and fearlessness on cards up and down PA, NY, WV, OH and elsewhere and is long overdue for a return to northeast Ohio! Draven battles the “King of Big Dog Style”, Mance Warner, who is responsible for some of the most physical battles in recent PCW history, as well as some of the most brazen diatribes… including making photographer Wayne Palmer shine his boots! Who will emerge victorious THIS Saturday 2/18 at Turners Hall in Cleveland?

“Give it up one time!” The “Big Daddy of Destruction” J-Rocc returns to Turners Hall for his first advertised appearance at the venue in well over a decade! This loud, boisterous, and dangerous veteran made an unexpected appearance at a PCW event last fall and left a lasting impression to all within the sound of his voice. Now, he returns with an even bigger point to prove – that J-Rocc is long overdue to dominate Turners Hall once again! J-Rocc will have to get through Edric Everhart, who has a bright history in the building as well! Last August, Edric and partner Ty Cross pulled off an upset win over The Sons of Michigan when they pinned veteran Benjamin Boone. Does the irreverent hipster have one more upset in him? Or will he have no choice but to give it up at least one time?

Jack Pollock and Payton Graham have made their intentions known to show up this Saturday night and cause a ruckus… but are less than pleased about the lack of coverage we’ve given them. They seem to think it’s Black Hand Society against the world and after their less than noble defeat at the hands of Dave & Ulysses a month ago, it’s easy to see why they feel they have a point to prove. How will these two factor in THIS Saturday 2/18 at 7pm at Turners Hall?

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