About Outsource Announcing

Outsource Announcing provides pro wrestling promoters & performers with professionally done match commentary and video/graphics production at an affordable price, all from home straight to you to eliminate all excess travel and overhead costs.

To provide a convenient and quality product that results in NO travel costs, NO extra overhead, NO inconvenience, NO hidden fees and nothing but product enhancement to benefit those in the professional wresting industry.


We understand and appreciate the importance of a professional approach and presentation. You must have style with your substance, but many wrestling organizations overlook, ignore, or simply cannot afford such “accessories” as professional commentators, DVD production, dramatic video packages, or sleek graphics. Now, with us doing 100% of the work from home and ZERO excess travel/equipment costs to you, that all changes!

When done correctly, these features can make a good match seem great and a great match seem like a classic. When done incorrectly, even the most talented of performers or organizations can come across as sub-par.

At Outsource Announcing, we give you these features at a convenient and affordable rate never before offered for the quality available, and all done from home to save you as much money, hassle, and headache as possible! You no longer have to choose between professionalism and affordability. No longer will you have to hire fans, friends, former roommates, or that guy you know who is really funny when he gets drunk at parties, and other random folks with zero experience who do not understand the subtleties and nuances of our business, yet are still passed off as knowledgeable and capable narrators and announcers.

Affordable services. Unmistakable quality. A better total finished product. This is Outsource Announcing.

Play-by-play match commentary – Veteran voice of professional wrestling Joe Dombrowski has experience lending his voice all over the world, providing a knowledgeable, emotional, and character and story-based approach to any wrestling match or segment. Joe has broadcasted, in past or present, for ROH iPPV & DVD, NWA, CZW, PWO (national television), 1PW (Europe), IWC, NWA Anarchy (national television), and several others.

DVD Production – Our experienced and wrestling-conscious team are available to provide any services you may need to complete your DVD presentation. From the synching of commentary audio, to menus, cover art, and mass production, we will create a very attractive presentation.

Cover Art/Graphics – Oftentimes, it’s not about what you present, but HOW you present it. The cover art of your DVD could be the make or break issue that determines whether or not a customer will buy your product. Our cover-art team has extensive experience and specifically specializes in professional wrestling.

Video Packages/Music Videos – Do you have a year long feud or journey you’d like to see encapsulated into one few minute video package? Our team of wrestling minds will help tell the story you’d like to in quick, concise and dramatic fashion. Have a live event you’d like made into a music video? Or just a video of some of your best moments for a demo? We can do it! We will endeavor to present you in the absolute best light possible, showcasing the best of the best in what makes you, your promotion, or your feud a commodity worth investing time and money in.

Additional services available upon request. E-mail us for business arrangements and price quotes.

“Having had the pleasure of working with Joe on several occasions, I can tell you that he makes every show he’s on better. Great storyteller, big voice and a total pro.” – Kevin Kelly, veteran WWF/WWE/ROH broadcaster

“I was pleasantly surprised. You have a smooth style…. you do wrestling well.” – JJ Dillon, legendary wrestling manager, former WWF/WCW/NWA executive

“Joe Dombrowski has a passion for our business and it is always evident in his broadcast. It is my opinion that he would enhance any professional wrestling product.” – Jerry Jarrett, legendary promoter of Memphis territory

“Joe Dombrowski has a voice of gold, knows his stuff, and can make any broadcast better.” – Adam Pearce, former Ring of Honor booker, multi-time NWA World Champion

“Joe will bring a professional, polished approach to any wrestling promotion. Highly recommended.” – Zach Gowen, one-legged wrestling phenom.

“If you want THE highest level of commentary for your pro wrestling promotion, you want Joe Dombrowski. Hands down, Joe is the best.” – Anthony Kingdom James, veteran wrestler/promoter/booker/announcer/producer/radio host