Mark Madden Joins “Outsource Announcing” – Available For Voice Over Commentary!

Outsource Announcing, founded by Joe Dombrowski in 2011, is a service allowing wrestling promoters, bookers, and talent to get clear, professional, credible play-by-play and color commentary tracks recorded for use on their DVDs, VOD, MP4s, demos, video packages, or any other use they see fit. With the flexible schedule and location of post-production, much of the excess overhead and logistics issues are eliminated by using Outsource Announcing!

Mark is just one of many color analysts available to lend their expertise alongside Dombrowski, including, but not limited to –

“The Franchise” Shane Douglas

“Hurricane” Shane Helms

Jim Cornette

Les Thatcher

Jack Korpela

And more!

There’s an announce team suitable for any budget or any mood you’d like to set! For further information or to schedule a voice-over, please email or visit the “Outsource Announcing” section of!