Premier Championship Wrestling “Revengeance” – Saturday, October 19 – RESULTS POSTED!

Official results from Premier’s “Revengeance” this past Saturday night –

The Commission (Lexx Vegas & JaXon Kade) beat The Natural Aces (Sam Beale & Ace Myles)

Victor Veil defeated Carter Robinson, winning the $3,000 Robinson wagered in this match.

Andrew Palace beat Ashton Day. After the match, Palace warned Day “If you ever sing that song again, I will shove that microphone stand up your @$$… sideways!”. As Palace exited the ring, Sonny Vice attacked Palace with a chair, claiming that he was still better than Palace and would prove it later tonight.

Welterweight Champion Dylan Bostic beat Ace Perry in a 30:00 Ironman Match by a score of 3-2. After the match, Cisco Silver was named next #1 contender to the title.

Sless Taylor (representing “The Business”) beat Lemmy San Dimas. After the match, Sless continued assaulting Lemmy until Puerto Rican Pitbull ran Sless off.

Cisco Silver beat Nate Wings and Puerto Rican Pitbull in a three-way match. During the match, Sless Taylor returned to attack Pitbull.

The NEW RC Dupree beat Remy LaVey following a distraction relating to a painting “of” Remy that RC had done during the match.

Queen Aminata beat Rachel Raylyn

Premier Champion Atticus Cogar beat Sonny Vice. Vice had attempted to use the same chair to steal a victory, but Andrew Palace came out to take the chair from ringside.

Premier returns to historic Turners Hall on Saturday, November 16 with “November Pain”. Tickets will be available starting Monday on!





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