Premier Wrestling “New Year’s Revolution” – Sunday, January 12 – RESULTS POSTED!

Premier’s top stars usher in a new calendar year with its usual brand of mayhem and unpredictability! Stay posted here for talent and match announcements! Reserve your tickets now below!

Official Results:

Official results from Premier’s “New Year’s Revolution” this past Sunday!

Andrew Palace beat Ron Mathis. After the match, Palace had words for Calvin Couture, who was not in attendance. Fearing Calvin would skip town to avoid Palace, much like Sonny Vice had, Palace has offered to face Calvin under any terms and in any kind of match Calvin chooses.

Victor Veil pinned Carter Robinson. After the bout, Carter stole the $3,000 Veil had offered up as stakes if Carter was able to defeat him.

Cornelius Crummels & Sonny Defarge wrestled The Commission (Lexx Vegas & JaXon Kade) to a no-contest when Big Facts (Eli Shelton & Jason Page) returned to disrupt the match.

Cisco Silver beat Chris LeRusso. LeRusso was there to address Otis Cogar’s desire to have Chris waive their previous “Loser Leaves Premier” contract and allow Otis to return, but has seemingly used this influence to try to recruit Otis to do his bidding for him. Otis was clearly torn in what to do, ultimately attacking Cisco after Cisco questioned Otis’ decisions in the matter.

Premier Tag Team Champions Sless Taylor & “AMAZING” N8 MATTSON (defending together as part of a new rule The Business has demanded where they can change a match contract to read any member of their group can defend the titles at a given time) w/Bruce Grey defeated Remy LaVey & Jason Gory of The Culmination, after involvement from RC Dupree & Joe Rosa.

RC Dupree’s Eccentric Art Show was interrupted by Gory & Remy LaVey, as Gory spit mist into Rosa’s face before both Culmination members destroyed various paintings. Remy tried to get to the painting “of him”, which led to Remy chasing RC to a waiting getaway car in the parking lot which sped off while Remy was still hanging half-way out of the vehicle!

J-Rocc (w/Dave Kich) beat Puerto Rican Pitbull. After the match, J-Rocc’s usual self-aggrandizing speech was interrupted by Hannah Lightning, who was in the crowd, upset at J-Rocc’s bragging about his past defeating of her late father, the legendary JT Lightning. J-Rocc invited Hannah into the ring and after continuing to dress her down, she took the microphone, told J-Rocc off, and slapped him. J-Rocc grabbed her and attempted to piledrive her before Crummels & Defarge emerged to run he & Kich off.

Nate Wings beat Jason Page (w/Eli Shelton). Both Big Facts members were double-teaming Wings while the referee was momentarily knocked down, until The Commission’s entrance music distracted the duo, allowing Nate to rebound.

Premier Women’s Champion Katie Arquette beat Rachel Raylyn

Premier Champion Atticus Cogar defeated Sless Taylor. N8 Mattson, originally scheduled for the bout, explained he had once again enacted the earlier rule to change the contract of who represents The Business in a given match, due to Sless’ scoring of the pinfall in the earlier tag bout.

N8 Mattson beat Premier Champion Atticus Cogar to win the title. Immediately following the prior bout, N8 attacked Atticus, and revealed N8’s name was still on the match contract, and he had never actually switched the scheduled match to Atticus vs. Sless, leaving the prior match null and void. N8 showed the correct match contract to the referee and demanded he ring the bell to star the “actual” main event, in spite of Atticus just having competed moments earlier.

After the bout, Director of Operations Joseph Dombrowski assured everyone that Atticus would get a future shot at N8 Mattson very soon, and revealed N8’s first challenger next month would be the returning “MDogg” Matt Cross!

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