2020 Event Results

#652: BTW – January 3, 2020 – North Carolina

*Ring announcer

#653: BTW – January 4, 2020 – Spartanburg, SC

*Ring announcer

#654: Premier “New Year’s Revolution” – January 12, 2020

5959. Andrew Palace beat Ron Mathis
5960. Victor Veil beat Carter Robinson in a match with $3,000 at stake
5961. Sonny Defarge & Cornelius Crummels wrestled Lexx Vegas & Jaxon Kade to a no-contest
5962. Cisco Silver defeated Chris LeRusso (w/Otis Cogar)
5963. Tag Team Champions N8 Mattson & Sless Taylor (using the Freebird Rule) beat Gory & Remy LaVey
5964. J-Rocc beat Puerto Rican Pitbull
5965. Nate Wings beat Jason Page
5966. Womens Champion Katie Arquette beat Ray Lyn
5967. Premier Champion Atticus Cogar beat Sless Taylor
5968. N8 Mattson beat Premier Champion Atticus Cogar to win the title

VO #208: ROH Online Exclusive

5969. Master & Machine beat The Monarchy

#655: IWC Reloaded 6.0 – January 19, 2020 – Elizabeth, PA

5970. Remy LaVey, Otis Cogar & Korbin Borne beat Anthony Young, Vic Braun, and Miles Monroe
5971. Johnny Patch and Jonathan Gresham battled to a 20 minute time limit draw for the IWC Super Indy Championship!
5972. Bulk Nasty and Zander Gabriel defeated The Regulators to become NEW IWC Tag Team Champions!
5973. Hardcore Hooven defeated Beastman in a hardcore match to retain the IWC High Stakes Championship.
5974. Atticus Cogar won the 16-bit challenge match to gain power of the Reset Button for one year.
5975. Ray Lyn defeated Amy Rose to retain the IWC Women’s Championship.
5976. Jimmy Vegas defeated Chase Gold.
5977. Team Big League defeated Andrew Palace, Spencer Slade, and “Big Time” Bill Collier.
5978. Jack Pollock defeated Jock Samson to retain the IWC World Heavyweight Championship

#656: Mega Championship Wrestling “Crown Prince” – January 25, 2020 – Elyria, OH

5979. Cree Fudo beat Jude Mackenzie
5980. Hannah Lightning & Shawn Blaze defeated Alyx Gates & Ashton Day w/Kenn Vazion
5981. Tyriq Kalam w/The Professor beat Jonny Allnight
5982. Casey Carrington beat Brycen Teller to retain the Infinity Championship
5983. Big Moe defeated Otis Cogar, Megan Meyers, and Super Beef to become #1 Contender for the Fighting Spirit Championship
5984. Marc Alejandro beat Marion Fontaine
5985. Chase Owens defeated Cisco Silver
5986. LSDs defeated Crummels & Defarge to retain the Tag Team Championships
5987. Shane Taylor defeated Paxton Calloway
5988. Joseline Navarro defeated Jackson Stone to become the new Mega Champion.

#657: Big Time Wrestling – February 8, 2020 – Altoona, PA

*Ring announcer
*Interview with Kane

#658: ROH Free Enterprise – TV-Show @ UMBC Event Center in Baltimore, Maryland, USA

5989. The Master And The Machine (Griff Garrison & Marcus Kross) defeat The Soldiers Of Savagery (Bishop Khan & Malcolm Moses)

#659: Premier “Zero Hour” – February 15, 2020 – Cleveland, OH

5990. Ashton Day beat Welterweight Champion Cisco Silver in a non-title match
5991. Victor Veil beat JD Smooth
5992. Sonny Defarge pinned Sless Taylor
5993. Remy LaVey beat Zander Gabriel (w/RC Dupree) in a Painting On A Pole Match
5994. Valentina Loca beat Miss Hannah
5995. Jason Page pinned Cornelius Crummels
5996. Marion Fontaine beat Sage Philips
5997. Andrew Palace pinned Calvin Couture in a Fashionista Streetfight
5998. Premier Champion N8 Mattson beat M-Dogg 20 Matt Cross

#660: Qatar Pro Wrestling “SuperSlam 2” – February 21, 2020 – Doha, Qatar

*Interviews with Mark Henry, Caprice Coleman, Brian Cage & Alberto El Patron

#661: IWC Ignition – Saturday, February 22 – Elizabeth, PA

5999. John McChesney defeated Spencer Slade
6000. Mambo Italiano defeated Hardcore Hooven with Special Ref “The Franchise” Shane Douglas to become new IWC High Stakes Champion
6001. Jeff Cobb defeated JaXon Argos
6002. Johnny Patch defeated Shawn Phoenix, Anthony Young, and Jami Jameson to retain the IWC Super Indy Championship
6003. “Big Time” Bill Collier defeated Andrew Palace
6004. Queen Aminata defeated Katie Arquette
6005. Jack Pollock defeated Brian Pillman, Jr. to retain the IWC World Heavyweight Championship

#662: Wrestlerex – Thursday, February 27 – Pittsburgh, PA

*Promo production, interviews with Danhausen & Ray Lyn

VO #209: Brian Pillman Memorial Show Anthology DVD Voice-Overs – March 3-5, 2020

6006. Shark Boy defeated Matt Stryker
6007. Terik the Great defeated Jeremy Jett
6008. Chip Fairway defeated Chad Collyer by submission
6009. Shark Boy defeated Terik the Great
6010. Shark Boy defeated Chip Fairway
6011. Terry Taylor defeated Tom Prichard
6012. Al Snow defeated Road Dogg
6013. Mankind defeated D’Lo Brown
6014. Konnan and Rey Misterio Jr. defeated Chris Benoit and Dean Malenko
6015. Rory Fox and Logan Caine defeated Jeremy Lopez and Jet Jaguar
6016. B.J. Payne defeated Rico Constantino
6017. Chuck Palumbo defeated Sean O’Haire
6018. Scotty Sabre defeated Reckless Youth
6019. Cody Hawk and Anthony McMurphy (c) defeated Flash Flanagan and Matt Stryker Tag team match for the HWA Tag Team Championship
6020. Shark Boy (c) defeated Jamie-San Singles match for the HWA Cruiserweight Championship
6021. Race Steele defeated Chip Fairway (c) Singles match for the HWA Heavyweight Championship
6022. Anthony McMurphy defeated Cody Michaels
6023. Tim Horner defeated Dr. Tom Prichard
6024. The Harris Brothers (Don Harris and Ron Harris) defeated Billy Kidman and Disco Inferno
6025. Vampiro defeated Gen. Rection
6026. Chris Benoit (c) defeated Steven Regal Singles match for the WWF Intercontinental Championship
6027. Justin Credible (c) defeated Raven Singles match for the ECW World Heavyweight Championship
6028. D’Lo Brown and Eddie Guerrero defeated Perry Saturn and Dean Malenko
6029. Nigel McGuinness (HWA) defeated The Machine (OVW) Interpromotional match
6030. Rob Conway and Ron Waterman defeated The Disciples of Synn (Payne and Damien) Tag team match
6031. J.R. Ryder (ECWA) defeated Richard Pound (Stampede Wrestling) Interpromotional match
6032. Chad Collyer (HWA) defeated Donovan Morgan (APW) Interpromotional match
6033. Cody Hawk and Lance Cade defeated The Island Boyz (Ekmo and Kimo) Tag team match
6034. Randy Orton defeated The Prototype Singles match
6035. The Damaja and Hardcore (OVW) defeated The A Squad (Chet Jablonski and Dean Jablonski) (HWA) Interpromotional match
6036. The Haas Brothers (Charlie Haas and Russ Haas) (HWA) defeated Steve Bradley (HWA) and Rico Constantino (OVW) Interpromotional match
6037. Matt Stryker defeated Chad Collyer, Shark Boy and Pepper Parks (c) Four-way match for the HWA Cruiserweight Championship
6038. Nick Dinsmore defeated Race Steele (c) Singles match for the HWA Heavyweight Championship
6039. Terry Taylor defeated Bobby Eaton w/Jim Cornette Singles match with Ricky Steamboat as the special guest referee
6040. Steve Corino (c) defeated David Flair Singles match for the NWA World Heavyweight Championship
6041. Mark Henry defeated Hugh Morrus
6042. Lita defeated Victoria
6043. Evan Karagias w/Missy Hyatt defeated Chris Candido w/Tammy Sytch
6044. Perry Saturn and Dean Malenko (WWF) defeated Raven and Justin Credible (ECW)
6045. The Hardy Boyz (Matt Hardy and Jeff Hardy) (WWF) defeated Edge and Christian (WWF) and Diamond Dallas Page and Kanyon (WCW)

#663: Mega Championship Wrestling “Green Eggs & Slams” – March 6, 2020

6046. JVM w/Kenn Vazion d . Skyler
6047. Cisco Silver d. Brennan Richards
6048. Cree Fudo d. Jonny Allnight
6049. LSDs d. Megan Meyers and Otis Cogar to retain the Tag Team Titles
6050. Big Moe d. Nick Nero to claim the Fighting Spirit Title
6051. Crummels and Defarge d. Hannah Lightning and Shawn Blaze
6052. Marion Fontaine d. Atticus Cogar
6053. Paxton Calloway and Tyriq Kalam w/ The Professor went to a draw when neither competitor answered the 10 count
6054. Marc Anthony Alejandro w/ The Professor d. Brycen Teller and Casey Carrington the 4th to win the Infinity Title

#664: IWC Nineteen – March 13, 2020 – Elizabeth, PA

6055. Angelik def. Shawn Phoenix
6056. Steak & Eggs retained their IWC Tag Team Championships by winning a scramble match that included The Culmination (Remy/Korbin Borne), Hardcore Hooven & Jami Jameson, and Andrew Palace & Spencer Slade
6057. Atticus Cogar defeated JaXon Argos to retain the power of the Reset Button and win a spot in the Super Indy Tournament in June!
6058. The Man Dime and Zach Nystrom def. Jimmy Nutts and Joseph Brooks
6059. RC Dupre defeated Mambo Italiano to become the new IWC High Stakes Champion
6060. TME defeated The North
6061. Johnny Patch defeated Facade to retain the IWC Super Indy Championship.
6062. Bill Collier defeated John McChesney.
6063. Allie Kat and Katie Arquette defeated Ray Lyn and Queen Aminata when Arquette pinned Aminata.
6064. Title vs. Career: Jimmy Vegas defeated Jack Pollock via referee stoppage to become the new IWC World Heavyweight Champion.

VO #210: Infinite Pro Wrestling “Invasion” 2020

6065. Bad Banks Vs. Jason Radatz
6066. Golden Pinkie Society Vs. VA Standard
6067. Arik Royal vs. Franco Varga
6068. Angel Sinclair & Tony Atlas beat VA Standard via countout
6069. Jake Hollister Vs. Kris Rex (C)
6070. #1 Contenders for the IPW Heavyweight Championship Match
6071. Corey Storm Vs. Myron Reed

VO #211: Infinite Pro Wrestling “Aftershock” 2019

6072. Uptown Downtown Connection (Jarred Evans and Billy Dixon) beat School Dance (Dewey Wellington and Deante Davis)
6073 Lexi Green beat Charlie Kruel
6074. Manny Fernandez beat Bad Bad Banks
6075. Kris Rex beat Chris Moore
6076. Paragon beat Beau Crockett
6077. Franco Varga beat Jace Throne

VO #212: Current Stars: JON MOXLEY – The Dark Horse

6078. Jon Moxley beat Homicide

VO #213: Prestige Wrestling – Violent World

6079. Ethan HD beat Jett Knight
6080. Jackson Price beat Adan Reyes and King Marcus in a three way match
6081. Mike Santiago beat Blake Moreno
6082. ECW Rules: 4 Minutes of Heat (Ricky Gibson & Eddie Pearl) beat Super Crazy & Bull James
6083. Prestige Wrestling Championship Match Knockout or Submission Only “Filthy” Tom Lawlor beat Dominic Garrini
6084. The Voros Twins beat Chase James & River Strife
6085. Deathmatch Rules Drexl beat JAIDEN

#665: IWC Back in Business – July 18, 2020 – Brownsville, PA

6086. Andrew Palace def. Bill Collier
6087. Jock Samson def. Jack Pollock
6088. Team Big League (Elijah Dean & Zach Nystrom) def. Hardcore Hammer Time (Hardcore Hooven & Jami Jameson)
6089. Spencer Slade def. Thicc Vic Braun
6090. Sam Adonis & Alexander Apollo def. The Culmination (Remy Lavey & Otis Cogar)
6091. Tito Oric def. Mambo Italiano
6092. Ray Lyn & Ella Shae def. Katie Arquette & Queen Aminata
6093. Chris LeRusso def. Jason Tyler
6094. IWC Tag Team Champions Steak’N’Eggs (Bulk Nasty & Zander Gabriel) def. M.O.R.A.L. (Dax Hastings & Jayce Karr)
6095. IWC Super Indy Champion Johnny Patch def. Anthony Young and Atticus Cogar in a TLC Match

#666: IWC Basebrawl – August 8, 2020 – Washington, PA

6096. Jock Samson defeated Andrew Palace, Bill Collier, and Jack Pollock to earn a shot at The IWC Title
6097. Johnny Patch and “A1” Anthony Young defeated Angelik and Paris Sahara.
6098. Team Big League (Elijah Dean and Zach Nystrom) w/ The Dime Piece defeated The Mane Event (Duke Davis and Ganon Jones Jr.) w/ Litty and The Washington Wild Thing to earn a future tag title shot
6099. Cole Karter defeated “The Silver Bullet” Chris Lerusso.
6100. Spencer Slade, RC Dupree, and Katie Arquette defeated Calvin Couture, Chase Gold and Ella Shae.
6101. “The Gavel” David Lawless defeated “The Sexy Fireman” Jason Tyler.
6102. Jimmy Vegas defeated Jock Samson in a falls count anywhere Basebrawl match to retain the IWC Championship

VO #214: Wrestling’s Bloodiest Wars – Extreme Violence

6103. Dan O’Haire won the Lyle C. Williams Memorial Battle Royal
6104. The REP (Dave McCall & Nate Carter) beat Jimmy Lloyd & Matt Tremont
6105. H20 Champion Chuck Payne beat Shawn Henderson, Stockade, Cannonball & Mark Angel in a 5 way elimination match

VO #215: Pro Wrestling Mid-South

6106. Greg Anthony beat Jakob Edwinn in a 60-Minute Iron Man Match with a final score of 4-3

VO #216: Wrestling’s Bloodiest Wars – Gangster Squad

6107. Cassanova Valentine beat Dan O’Hare
6108. John Silver beat Matt Tremont
6109. Masada beat Brandon Kirk

VO #217: Pro Wrestling Rampage “Meltdown”

6110. Nick Marek beat Dakoda Orion
6111. Dave Bentley beat Anthony Musso
6112. Asylum beat Paxton Calloway
6113. Tag team champions The Covenant (Bennett Cole & James Sayga) beat Mike Skyros & Ryze
6114. Lake Erie Champion Vince Valor beat Marcus Knight w/ Mr. Scratch via disqualification
6115. Brandon Thurston wrestled Rex Atkins to a no-contest
6116. Brandon Thurston, Terrell Kenneth & Dakota Orion vs Rex Atkins, Asylum & Nick Marek

VO #218: WEW “Bad Behavior”

6117. The Endless – Davienne & Jinx beat The Platinum Hunnies – “All That” Ava Everett & Angel Sinclair (Champions) via DQ
6118. Brittany Blake beat Sanvana Stone
6119. Kris Statlander (Champion) beat Aja Perera

#667: IWC Super Indy 19 – September 12, 2020 – Washington, PA

6120. Lee Moriarty beat Zach Zystrom in a Super Indy Quarterfinal
6121. Josh Alexander beat Ace Austin in a Super Indy Quarterfinal
6122. Brian Pillman Jr beat Facade in a Super Indy Quarterfinal
6123. Sam Adonis beat Johnny Patch in a Super Indy Quarterfinal
6124. Women’s Champion Ray Lyn beat Dani Mo
6125. Lee Moriarty beat Josh Alexander in a Super Indy Semifinal
6126. Brian Pillman Jr. beat Sam Adonis in a Super Indy Semifinal
6127. Andrew Palace, Bill Collier, Anthony Young & Spencer Slade beat Elijah Dean, Angelik, Mambo Italiano & Deputy Don Murphy
6128. Jock Samson beat Jack Pollock and IWC Champion Jimmy Vega$ in a three-way elimination match to win the title
6129. Brian Pillman Jr beat Lee Moriarty in the Super Indy 19 Finals to win the title

#668: IWC Feature Presentation – September 19, 2020 – Brownsville, PA

6130. Jack Pollock and Jason Tyler defeated The Regulators (Officer Dan and David Lawless).
6131. Johnny Patch defeated Spencer Slade
6132. The Lebanon Don and Tito Oric defeated the STDs (Chest Flexor and Corey Futuristic).
6133. Anthony Young beat Phil Archer. Angelik and Thicc Vic Braun in a four-way match
6134. High Stakes Champion RC Dupree defeated Chase Gold in an Easel Match!
6135. The Mane Event (Ganon Jones Jr & Duke Davis) defeated M.O.R.A.L.(Jayce Karr & Dax Hastings)
6136. Bill Collier defeated Cole Karter
6137. Team Big League (Elijah Dean and Zac Nystrom) defeated Tag team champions Steak and Eggs (Bulk Nasty and Zander Gabriel to win the titles
6138. Chris LeRusso defeated Alexander Apollo.
6139. Hardcore Hammer Time (Hardcore Hooven & Jami Jameson defeated Mickey & Marshall Gambino in a tables match

#669: AAW Alive! – October 1, 2020 – Merrionette Park, IL

6140. AAW Heritage Title: Hakim Zane (w/Karam) (c) defeats Travis Titan
6141. Jake Something defeats Karam
6142. Elayna Black defeats Skye Blue
6143. Matthew Justice defeats Manders
6144. Top Flight (Air Wolf & Angel Dorado) & Gringo Loco defeat Ace Perry, Stephen Wolf & Trey Miguel
6145. Hyan defeats Christi Jaynes
6146. AAW Tag Team Title: Ace Austin & Madman Fulton defeat Besties In The World (Davey Vega & Mat Fitchett) (c) – TITLE CHANGE !!!
6147. AAW Heavyweight Title: Mance Warner (c) defeats Jake Crist

VO #219: WEW Ring Invasion

6148. Violette beat Veda Scott
6149. Ariela Nyx beat Nina Monet
6150. Ruthless Lala beat Nevaeh Chantelle
6151. Demaris beat Valentina Vasquez
6152. Aja Perara beat Kasey Catal
6153. Davienne beat Megan Mason

VO #220: AJ Styles: The Living Phenom

6154. Joey Matthews beat AJ Styles
6155. Christopher Daniels beat AJ Styles

#670: IWC Winner Takes All 2020 – October 10, 2020 – Washington, PA

6156. IWC Tag Team Title Four Way: Money Shot (Elijah Dean & Zach Nystrom) (c) defeat Hardcore Hammer Time (Hardcore Hooven & Jami Jameson) and The Mane Event (Duke Davis & Ganon Jones Jr.) and Steak And Eggs (Bulk Nasty & Zander Gabriel)
6157. Cole Karter defeats Christopher Michael Lotus
6158. Joey Moses & Tito Oric defeat Fire It Up (Jason Tyler & Shawn Phoenix)
6159. IWC High Stakes Title: RC Dupree (c) defeats Mambo Italiano
6160. Alexander Apollo defeats Remy Lavey
6161. IWC Super Indy Title: Brian Pillman Jr. (c) defeats Johnny Patch
6162. Spencer Slade defeats Anthony Young
6163. Katie Arquette defeats Ella Shae
6164. Control Of IWC Ten Man Tag Team: Team IWC (Andrew Palace, Bill Collier, Jack Pollock, Justin Plummer & Wardlow) defeat The Regulators (Chris LeRusso, Dan Murphy, David Lawless, Don Murphy & Jock Samson)

#671: AAW Alive! Episode 2 – October 29, 2020 – Merrionette Park, IL

6165. Fatal Four Way: Ace Romero defeats Brayden Lee and Kody Lane and Travis Titan
6166. Skye Blue defeats Sierra
6167. Called Manders defeats Ace Perry
6168. ACH vs. Fred Yehi – Time Limit Draw (20:00)
6169. Matthew Justice defeats Jake Crist
6170. Blake Christian defeats Stephen Wolf
6171. AAW Tag Team Title: Ace Austin & Madman Fulton (c) defeat Angel Dorado & Gringo Loco
6172. Hakim Zane & Karam defeat Jake Something & Mance Warner

VO #221: Wrestling From The Heartland Vol. 2 & 3 Recording

6173. Pepper Parks beat Shark Boy Matt Stryker
6174. Steve Bradley beat Raven under Raven’s Rules
6175. Shannon Moore beat Jamie Noble
6176. BJ Whitmer beat Jamie Noble, Matt Stryker and Shannon Moore
6177. Shannon Moore beat Spanky
6178. Island Boys beat Shannon Moore & Evan Karagias via disqualification
6179. Rico Constantino beat Shawn Stasiak
6180. Funaki beat Matt Stryker
6181. Rhino beat Race Steele in a hardcore match
6182. King Kong Bundy beat BJ Whitmer
6182. Tony Atlas beat Bobby Casanova
6183. Matt Stryker & Spanky beat Jamie Noble and BJ Whitmer
6184. Shark Boy beat BJ Whitmer
6185. D’Lo Brown, Matt Stryker, Tony B beat EZ Money, Jamie Noble and Brian Adams
6186. Island Boys beat Evan Karagias and Shannon Moore in a No DQ match
6187. EZ Money beat D’Lo Brown
6188. Nick Dinsmore & Damaja beat Rico Constantino and Rob Conway
6189. Hellena Heavenly wrestled Malia Hosaka to a no-contest
6190. Malia Hosaka and BJ Whitmer beat Hellena Heavenly and Matt Stryker
6191. Big Show (w/Jim Cornette) beat Mark Henry (w/GQ Masters III)
6192. Chris Kanyon beat Horace Hogan
6193. Lance Cade beat Johnny the Bull
6194. Rene Dupree beat Chris Nowinski
6195. Jimmy Yang, Kaz Hayashi and Evan Karagias beat Shark Boy and Dean & Chet Jablonski
6196. Leilani Kai, AJ Sparks, Tina Ambrose McGuiness beat Bobbi Jo Jablonski, Hellena Heavenly, Nikita
6197. Steve Blackman & Steve Bradley beat Jimmy Yang and Kaz Hayashi
6198. Island Boys vs. Haku and Reno w/Mike Sanders in a No Disqualification
6199. Shannon Moore beat Matt Stryker via disqualification
6200. Shark Boy w/POD beat Chad Collyer
6201. Chuck Palumbo, Mark Jindrak and Mike Sanders w/Coach Kevin Nash beat Anthony McMurphy, Cody Hawk & Race Steele and The Xtremist, Bobby Casanova & GQ Masters III in an elimination match
6202. D’Lo Brown beat EZ Money in a Kiss My Ass match
6203. Race Steele beat Steven Richards
6204. HWA Champion EZ Money w/Johnny The Bull beat Hugh Morrus
6205. Raven & Tommy Dreamer beat BJ Whitmer & Chet Jablonski

#672: IWC Homecoming – November 7, 2020 – Elizabeth, PA

6206. Angelik defeated “A1” Anthony Young.
6207. The Mane Event defeated Tag Team Champions Money Shot by count out.
6208. Don Murphy defeated Bill Collier via DQ
6209. Sam Adonis defeated Cole Karter.
6210. Hardcore Hooven, Jamie Jamison & Alexander Apollo defeated Remy LaVey, Otis Cogar & Korbin Borne
6211. Bulk Nasty defeated Super Hentai.
6212. Katie Arquette defeated Womens Champion Ray Lyn to win the title
6213. Super Indy Champion Brian Pillman, Jr. defeated Spencer Slade
6214. High Stakes Champion RC Dupree beat Chase Gold, Jayce Karr, Phil Archer, Shawn Phoenix, and Johnny Patch in a six-way match.
6215. Jack Pollock defeated Andrew Palace to become new #1 contender to the IWC Title

#673: AAW Alive! Episode 3 – November 12, 2020 – Merrionette Park, IL

6216. Ace Perry defeats Brayden Lee (4:54)
6217. Myron Reed defeats Tre Lamar (10:41)
6218. Christi Jaynes & Skye Blue defeat Hyan & Sierra (6:46)
6219. Fred Yehi defeats Jake Something (14:31)
6220. AAW Tag Team Title Best Two Out Of Three Falls: Ace Austin & Madman Fulton (c) defeat The Besties In The World (Davey Vega & Mat Fitchett) [2:1] (13:54)
6221. Karam defeats Gyasi (6:40)
6222. Stephen Wolf defeats Trey Miguel (10:23)
6223. Bear Country (Bear Boulder & Bear Bronson) defeat XXXL (Ace Romero & Larry D) (15:21)
6224. AAW Heavyweight Title: Mance Warner (c) defeats Hakim Zane

#674: Pro Wrestling Conquest Episode 6 – November 28, 2020 – St. Albans, WV

6225. Facade beat Calvin Tankman
6226. Huffmanly & Rocky Rage beat Bruce Grey & Misery
6227. Levi Everett beat Gory, Atticus Cogar, Rob Killjoy, Bastard Cassidy, and Percy Drews in a six-way match
6228. Christian Kobain beat Madman Fulton in a Last Man Standing Match
6229. Daniel Eads beat Ryan Edmonds
6230. Larry D beat Chance Prophet
6231. Jock Samson beat Casey King in a Bullrope Match to become the first Imperial Champion in a match where King’s career on Conquest was at stake

#675: IWC Pittsburgh Pro Wrestling Classic 3 – December 5, 2020

6232. Heavyweight champion Jock Samson beat Jack Pollock via forfeit
6233. Andrew Palace & Bill Collier beat David Lawless, Dan Murphy & Don Murphy in a handicap match
6234. Bulk Nasty beat Johnny Patch
6235. Sam Elias beat Angelik
6236. Tag Team Champions Elijah Dean & Zach Nystrom beat The Mane Event in a ladder match
6237. Spencer Slade defeated Cole Karter, Stevie LeBell, Marshall Gambino, Jami Jameson, Jayce Karr and Alexander Apollo in the Pittsburgh Pro Wrestling Classic Invitational Scramble
6238. Tito Oric defeated High Stakes Champion RC Dupree in a casket match
6239. Women’s Champion Katie Arquette beat Ella Shae
6240. Andrew Palace beat Bill Collier and heavyweight champion Jock Samson in a three way match to win the title

VO #222: Camp Leapfrog Christmas Trios

6241. Xavier Faraday, Jay Lyon and Tyler Klein beat Joshua Wavra, Midas Black, and Calvin Couture in a Trios Increible Match when Faraday pinned Wavra
6242. A Very Good Professional Wrestler, Abbs & Abby Jane beat Johnny Moran, Chris Horrorshow & Saber Dorado in a Christmas Trios Quarterfinal Round match
6243. Matt Makowski, Travis Huckabee & Devantes beat A Very Good Professional Wrestler, Abbs & Abby Jane in a Christmas Trios Semifinal Round match

VO #223: PWR Fandemonium 2019

6244. Dakota Orion & Sebastian Braun beat Anthony Musso & Kenny Brown and Mike Skyros & Kevin Cartwright in a three-way match
6245. Lake Erie Champion Vince Valor beat Marcus Knight
6246. Terrell Kenneth beat Asylum
6247. Tag Team Champions The Covenant (Bennett Cole & James Sayga) beat Davey Bentley & Mikey Everynite
6248. Paxton Calloway beat Ryze
6249. Rex Atkins beat Jon Rodin in a bullrope match
6250. Brandon Thurston beat PWR Champion Jimi The High-Flyin’ Hippie to win the title