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Weekend of Champions Night One – 4/28/06 – ROH vs. CZW Anything Goes 6-Man Tag; Aries & Strong vs. Joe & Sydal; Nigel vs. Daniels

Alex Shelley: Made In Detroit – Matches vs. Danielson, Punk, Evans, Strong, Machine Guns vs. Briscoes & tons more!

Survival of the Fittest 2007 – 10/19/07 – Danielson vs. Nigel, Claudio vs. Davey, Jacobs & Necro vs. Briscoes plus 6-Way Elimination Final!

Validation – 5/9/09 – Jerry Lynn vs. Jay Briscoe, Wolves vs. Steen & Danielson, Claudio & Rave vs. Necro & Delirious

Brew City Beatdown – 7/14/12 – Briscoes vs. Steen & Jacobs, Eddie vs. Rhino, Elgin vs. Silas
Defy Or Deny 2 – 1/19/13 – Steen vs. Elgin vs. Eddie vs. Strong, Davey vs. O’Reilly, Matt Hardy vs. BJ Whitmer

War – 3/20/13 – Steen vs. Mark Briscoe, Taven vs. Lethal vs. ACH vs. Strong, Elgin vs. Adam Page
Honor In The Heart of Texas – 6/1/13 – Jay Briscoe vs. Davey, Cole vs. Strong, Lethal vs. ACH

A Night of Hoopla – 7/11/13 – Truth Martini takes over ROH for a night in the most unorthodox event in ROH history!

Reclamation Night 1 – 7/12/13 – Davey vs. Fish, Taven vs. Elgin vs. Cole vs. Lethal, Ciampa vs. Rhino

Reclamation Night 2 – 7/13/13 – Wolves vs. Elgin & Lethal, Steen vs. Taven, Cole vs. BJ

A New Dawn – 9/28/13 – Honor Rumble Where Winner Faces Adam Cole; Taven vs. Strong vs. Davey; Steen vs. Jacobs

Charm City Challenge – 10/5/13 – Cole vs. Strong, Steen vs. ACH, reDRagon vs. Lethal & Elgin

The Golden Dream – 11/2/13 – Jay Briscoe vs. Steen, Lethal vs. Ciampa vs. Mark Briscoe, Taven vs. Adam Page

Flyin’ High – 3/22/14 – AJ Styles vs. Chris Hero, Ciampa vs. Taven, Briscoes vs. Cole & Bennett w/Maria

Raising The Bar Night 1 – 3/7/14 – Cole vs. Taven, Young Bucks & Steen vs. Briscoes & Elgin, Hero vs. Strong

Summer Heat Tour Cincinatti – 7/18/14 – Elgin vs. Strong, Daniels & Kazarian vs. Cole & Lethal, Briscoes vs. War Machine

Field of Honor – 8/15/14 – Michael Elgin vs. Jay Briscoe vs. AJ Styles vs. Adam Cole; reDRagon vs. Daniels & Kazarian; Ciampa vs. Silas

Michael Bennett’s Bachelor Party – 10/9/14 – Jay Briscoe vs. Rhino, Ciampa vs. Delirious, Cedric vs. ACH. Adam Cole Hosts.

Survival of the Fittest Night 1 – 7/7/14 – Briscoes vs. Taven & Bennett w/Maria, Qualifying Matches with Ciampa, Cole, Page, Strong, Lethal, Hanson and more!

Survival of the Fittest Night 2 – 7/8/14 – 6-Way Elimination Finals, Briscoes vs. Daniels & Kazarian, Lethal vs. Cedric

Road To Best In The World: Collinsville, IL – 6/5/15 – Jay Briscoe & Strong vs. Elgin & Moose, Lethal vs. Rowe, Daniels & Kazarian vs. Sydal & Delirious

Aftershock Tour: Las Vegas, NV – 7/17/15 – Lethal/Aries/Moose vs. Jay Briscoe/Dalton/O’Reilly, Cole/Bennett vs. War Machine, Young Bucks vs. Trent & Romero

Death Before Dishonor XIII – 7/24/15 – Lethal vs. Strong, Daniels & Kazarian vs. reDRagon vs. War Machine vs. Kingdom, Cole vs. Dalton

Aftershock Tour: Philadelphia – 8/21/15 – Nakamura vs. Cole, Sydal vs. Kushida, Okada, Trent & Romero vs. Briscoes & Goto

Glory By Honor XIV – 10/24/15 – Lethal/Strong/Kingdom vs. Moose/Dalton/Addiction, Briscoes vs. War Machine, Elgin vs. Dijak

Road To Final Battle: Ft. Lauderdale, FL – 12/5/15 – Young Bucks vs. Lethal & Dijak, Jay Briscoe vs. Sydal, Cole vs. Kenny King

Winter Warriors Tour: Collinsville, IL – 1/16/16 – Young Bucks vs. Shelley & ACH, Cole vs. Moose, Sabin & Kazarian vs. War Machine

Winter Warriors Tour: Duluth, GA – 1/23/16 – Bullet Club (Bucks, Gallows, Anderson) vs. Lethal, War Machine & Strong, Page vs. Kazarian vs. Silas vs. Caprice vs. Ferrara vs. Jay Briscoe, Shelley, Sydal & ACH vs. Elgin & reDRagon

Supercard of Honor Night 1 – 4/1/16 – Young Bucks vs. Motor City Machine Guns, Lethal vs. Lio Rush, Adam Cole vs. ACH

Supercard of Honor Night 2 – 4/2/16 – Adam Cole vs. Kyle O’Reilly, Young Bucks vs. Machine Guns vs. Briscoes vs. Daniels & Kazarian, Strong vs. Fish

Road to Best in the World: Milwaukee, WI – 6/12/16 – Young Bucks vs. Lethal & Cabana; ACH vs. Strong vs. Elgin vs. O’Reilly, Machine Guns vs. Lio Rush & Moose

Best in the World – 6/24/16 – Lethal vs. Jay Briscoe, Fight Without Honor: Corino vs. BJ, Daniels & Kazarian vs. Shelley & Sabin

Reloaded Tour: Pittsburgh – 9/16/16 – Young Bucks & Adam Cole vs. Lethal, Dalton & Cabana, Daniels vs. Jay White, Sabin vs. Kazarian

Glory By Honor XV – October 14, 2016 – reDRagon vs. Cole & Page, Lethal vs. Matt Jackson, Cabinet vs. Sabin, Shelley & Jay White

Road To Final Battle: Lakeland, FL – 10/22/16 – Cole vs. Silas, Daniels & Kazarian vs. Dalton & Cabana, Shelley & Jay White vs. All Night Express

Reach For The Sky: Liverpool – 11/18/16 – Young Bucks & Adam Cole vs. Briscoes & Kyle O’Reilly, Ospreay vs. Fish, Scurll vs. Dalton

Reach For The Sky: London – 11/20/16 – Lethal vs. Cole, Scurll vs. Ospreay, Briscoes vs. Bucks in one-on-one bouts


Taste The Radness – 2/22/04 – Bryan Danielson, Samoa Joe, Scorpio Sky, Excalibur, Super Dragon, Havana Pitbulls & more!

44 Ways To Kill You With A Pimento – 5/22/04 – Super Dragon & Excalibur vs. Matt Cross & Josh
Probition, Plus Frankie Kazarian, Puma, Scorpio Sky, Adam Pearce and more!

Use Your Illusion II – 10/9/04 – Samoa Joe, Scorpio Sky, Christopher Daniels, Frankie Kazarian, Excalibur, Super Dragon and more!

Use Your Illusion IV – 10/23/04 – Frankie Kazarian, Ricky Reyes, Super Dragon, Puma, Stars of CHIKARA and more!

Rocktoberfest – Adam Pearcs vs. Frankie Kazarian as part of a 4-way match, Samoa Joe vs. B-Boy, CM Punk vs. Steve Corino

Straight To DVD – 10/14/05 – AJ Styles vs. Kevin Steen vs. Chris Bosh, Sabin & Petey Wiliams vs. Super Dragon & Davey, Daniels vs. Scorpio Sky

Cruisin’ For A Bruisin’ – 1/7/06 – Chris Hero vs. Claudio (Cesaro), B-Boy vs. Chris Sabin, TJ Perkins vs. Alex Kozlov

Teen Outreach Summit – 1/21/06 – Steen vs. Sabin, Daniels vs. Romero, Scorpio Sky vs. B-Boy

Card Subject To Change 2 – 2/4/06 – Fergal Devitt (Finn Balor), AJ Styles, Steen, Cabana, Generico, Scorpio Sky, Davey, Kazarian, hero & Claudio and more!

From Parts Well Known – 6/24/06 – Davey Richards, Steen, Generico, Sabin, Kazarian, Reyes & Romero, TJ Perkins & more!

Passive Hostility – 12/2/06 – Steen, Generico, Sydal, Hero, Claudio, Kazarian, Sabin, Shelley, Davey, Romero, Scorpio Sky & more!

Guitarmageddon II: Armorygeddon – 2/10/07 – Steen, Generico, Strong, Davey, Claudio, TJ Perkins, Romero, Kazarian, Karl Anderson & more!

Pearl Habra – 1/27/08 – Low ki vs. El Generico (Sami Zayn), Plus Young Bucks, Chris Hero, Scorpio Sky, Roderick Strong, TJ Perkins & more!

Dia De Los Dangerous! – 2/24/08 – Strong vs. Karl Anderson vs. Human Tornado, Necro Butcher vs. Human Tornado, Daffney vs. Candice LeRae

121 Gigawatts – 3/21/08 – Tornado & Lufisto vs. Hero & LeRae, Claudio vs. Hero, Plus Young Bucks, Steen & Generico, TJ Perkins & more!

It’s A Gift, It’s A Curse – 4/5/08 – Chris Hero vs. Roderick Strong, Plus Nick Jackson, Claudio, TJ Perkins, Scorpio Sky & more!

It’s It (What Is It?) – 6/8/08 – Jack Evans vs. Chris Hero vs. Necro Butcher, Aries vs. Generico, Plus Davey, LeRae, Scorpio Sky & more!

Life During Wartime – 7/6/08 – Tyler Black (Seth Rollins) & Jimmy Jacobs vs. Strong & Generico, Tornado vs. Hero, Plus Young Bucks, Claudio & more!

DIO! – 6/11/10 – El Generico & Paul London vs. Kevin Steen & Brian Kendrick, LeRae vs. Von Eerie, Plus Young Bucks, Akira Tozawa, Chris Hero & more!

Cyanide: A Lovely Tribute To Poison – 12/11/10 – Paul London & El Generico vs. Hero & Claudio, Steen vs. Tozawa, Strong vs. Chuck Taylor, Plus: Young Bucks & more!

Card Subject To Change III – 4/9/11 – Young Bucks vs. Ricochet & El Generico, Low-ki vs. Akira Tozawa, Roderick Strong vs. Willie Mack

Battle of Los Angeles 2011 – 8/20/11 – Fit Finlay vs. Kevin Steen, Claudio vs. Generico, plus Semi-finals & Finals, Young Bucks & more!

The Perils of Rock & Roll Decadence – 9/10/11 – Steen vs. Davey, Edwards vs. TJ Perkins, Generico vs. Rocky Romero

Kurt Russell Reunion 3 – 1/29/12 – Steen/Dragon/Tozawa vs. Generico/PAC/Yoshino, Young Bucks vs. Davey & Harry Smith, Doi vs. Mack

Ten – 8/9/13 – Young Bucks in a 3-way Ladder Match, Cole vs. Steen vs. Younger, London & Kendrick vs. Gargano & Chuckie T

Black Cole Sun – 12/12/14 – O’Reilly vs. Strong, O’Reilly vs. Ricochet, Young Bucks vs. Sydal & Sabin, Cole vs. Cedric

Prince – 5/20/16 – Callihan vs. Strong, Cobb vs. Hero, Elgin vs. Galloway, Everett vs. Lee, Cole vs. Dalton, Scurll vs. Mandrews

Nice Boys (Don’t Play Rock & Roll) – 3/18/17 – Young Bucks vs. Lucha Bros. vs. Ricochet & Sydal, Callihan vs. Cage vs. Keith Lee, Strickland vs. Dezmond Xavier

Time Is A Flat Circle – 3/23/18 – Matt Riddle vs. Zack Sabre Jr, Chuck Taylor vs. Keith Lee, Bandido/Flamita vs. Dezmond/Wentz

Bask In His Glory – 5/25/18 – Walter vs. Guevara, Riddle vs. Starr, Keith Lee vs. Adam Brooks

Hand of Doom – 1/18/19 – Cobb vs. Lee, Rascalz vs. Best Friends, ACH vs. Bandido, Santana & Ortiz vs. Laredo Kid & Horus

Mystery Vortex 6 – 5/10/19 – Darby Allin vs. Joey Janela, Rascalz vs. Flamita/Horus, Orange Cassidy vs. Chuckie T

The Makings of A Varsity Athlete – 12/20/19 – Cobb vs. Bandido, Gresham vs. Starr, Orange Cassidy vs. Tony Deppen


With Malice – 3/25/05 – Punk vs. Gibson (Jamie Noble), Danielson vs. Strong, Aries vs. Insane Dragon

Best of CM Punk Vol. 2: Rise of the New Dawn – Punk vs. Danielson, James Gibson, Puma, Homicide, Antonio Banks (MVP) & more!

The Usual Suspects – 4/22/05 – CM Punk, Antonio Banks (MVP), Spanky, James Gibson (Jamie Noble), Roderick Strong, Homicide & more!

Heatstroke ’05 Night 1 – 8/5/05 – Homicide vs. Erick Stevens, CM Punk vs. Ace Steel, Samoa Joe vs. Spanky

Heatstroke ’05 Night 2 – 8/6/05 – Punk vs. Strong, Homicide vs. Mamaluke, Samoa Joe vs. Ace Steel

X-Factor – 10/7/05 – Sean Waltman vs. Jimmy Rave, Homicide vs. Austin Aries, Strong & Milano vs. Rinauro & Cabana

Chasing The Dragon – 6/9/06 – 6-Way with Aries, Davey, Colt & Strong, Danielson vs. Rinauro, Kenny King vs. Alex Porteau

Impact of Honor – 6/10/06 – Danielson vs. Cabana, Davey vs. Shingo Takagi, Aries & Strong vs. Fast & Furious

Fallout – 10/13/06 – Danielson & Cyber Kong vs. Strong & Davey, Strong vs. Davey, Shingo vs. Sydal, Briscoes vs. Stevens & Rinauro

Cage of Pain – 12/15/06 – Aries vs. Stevens, Danielson vs. Davey, Larry Sweeney vs. Jerelle Clark

Dangerous Intentions – 4/26/08 – Strong vs. Stevens, Davey vs. Tyler Black (Seth Rollins), Delirious vs. Rinauro

***Wrestling Revolver

Debut Show – 6/10/16 – Billy Gunn vs. John Hennigan (Morrison), Sami Callihan vs. Bob Holly, Rhino vs. Trevor Lee

Iowa Goes Lucha – 10/28/16 – Brian Cage vs. Sami Callihan, Trevor Lee vs. Darby Allin, OI4K vs. Rascalz

Pancakes & Piledrivers – 4/1/17 – Open Invite Scramble Ladder Match, Lucha Bros vs. Cage & Callihan, Ricochet vs. Shane Strickland

Revolver vs. Wrestle Circus Midnight After Mania – 4/3/17 – Open Invite Scramble, 8-Man Tag, Elgin vs. Strickland & tons more!

Plead The Fifth – 5/5/17 – OI4K vs. Davey, Elgin & Cage, Moose vs. Keith Lee, MJF vs. Colt Cabana, John Morrison vs. Trevor Lee

The Fn Catalina Wrestling Mixer – 8/4/17 – Open Invite Scramble, Shane Strickland vs. MJF, Jake Crist vs. Jessicka Havok plus Rey Fenix & more!

Tales From The Ring – 10/28/17 – 5 Team Ladder Match, Callihan vs. Swagger, Riddle vs. Cobb, Ricochet vs. Jason Cade

Naito Takes Dayton – 2/16/18 – Naito vs. Elgin, OI4K vs. MJF, Romero & Moose, Trevor Lee vs. Shane Strickland

Pancakes & Piledrivers: Super Indy Summit – 4/7/18 – Three-Team Ladder Match, Lucha Bros vs. Hart & Evans, ACH vs. Trevor Lee

The Fn Catalina Wrestling Mixer Vol. 2 – 8/3/18 – Tag Tournament with LAX, OVE, Rascalz, Strickland & Cade, Trey Miguel & Myron Reed and more!

***Shoot Interviews

Diva Diaries: Jazz

Diva Diaries: Allysin Kay

Wendi Richter

Nelson Frazier (Mabel/Viscera/Big Daddy V)

Nikolai Volkoff


XPW Baptized in Blood – One Night Death Match Tournament Plus Shane Douglas, Chris Candido & Tammy and more!

10 Years of Carnage – Documentary on IWA Deep South’s Carnage Cup Deathmatch Tournaments

Two Falls To A Finish – Documentary on 60 Years of British Wrestling

EVOLVE 19 – 4/5/13 – Gargano & Kendrick vs. Orange & Gulak, Young Bucks vs. Super Smash Bros. (Dark Order), Tournament to crown EVOLVE Champion plus Uhaa Nation (Apollo Crews)

Dragon Gate USA: Revolt! 2013 – 1/26/13 – Young Bucks, Gargano, Callihan, Tozawa, Samuray Del Sol (Kalisto), Swann, Fox, Cage, Younger and more!

Brian Kendrick’s King of Flight Tournament – 8 Man Tournament with Matt & Nick Jackson, Paul London, Ricochet, Amazing Red, Rich Swann, AR Fox & Samuray Del Sol (Kalisto)

NWA Wildside Best of Juniors Vol. 1 – Early matches of The Briscoes, Shane Helms, Shannon Moore, Joey Matthews, Delirious, Matt Sydal & more!

NWA Wildside Best of Juniors Vol. 2 – Early matches of AJ Styles, Amazing Red, Jimmy Rave, Delirious, Matt Sydal, Briscoes and more!

WWF Hell Yeah – A look at Stone Cold Steve Austin’s 1998 & 1999!

WWF The Rock: Just Bring It – A look at The Rock in 2000 & 2001!

JCW at the 11th Annual Gathering of the Juggalos – Booker T, Butterbean, Road Dogg, Terry Funk, Sabu, Necro Butcher and tons of ICP-themed madness!

The Power of The Freight Train – Documentary on the unlikely $5 Wrestling hero.

AFW: All Female Wrestling: Body Slam – Physical and erotic athletic performances.

Memphis TV Yearbook 1987 – Jerry Lawler, Jeff Jarrett, Paul E. Dangerously, Tracy Smothers, Tommy Rich,
Bill Dundee, Austin Idol & more!

Gentleman’s Choice – Documentary on Chris Adams done by former WCCW TV producer Mickey Grant


Rebellion 2002 – Brock & Heyman vs. Edge, Angle & Benoit vs. Eddie & Chavo, Mysterio vs. Noble vs. Tajiri

Backlash 2004 – Michaels vs. Triple H vs. Benoit, Randy Orton vs. Cactus Jack, Jericho vs. Christian & Trish

Survivor Series 2005 – Team Raw vs. Team Smackdown, Cena vs. Angle, Triple H vs. Ric Flair

Brock Lesnar: Here Comes The Pain

Superstar Billy Graham: 20 Years Too Soon

Shawn Michaels: Boyhood Dream (A look at Shawn’s run as WWF Champion)


John Cena: Word Life

Monday Night War

FIP Emergence Part 1 – AJ Styles vs. Homicide, Aries vs. Strong, Plus CM Punk, Justin Credible and more!

Universal Soldier: The Return (with Bill Goldberg)

12 Rounds (with John Cena)

The Marine (with John Cena)

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