Also For Sale – Masks, Action Figures, Magazines, Trading Cards & More!

This page is a peak at many of the items I travel with from city to city selling to fans just like you. Unfortunately, due to the very small quantities I get, quick turnaround, and challenging schedule, it’s almost impossible to keep up an accurate inventory. But these are the different categories of items I always have in stock. For details on specifics, or if you’re looking for something in particular, email or DM on social media! You can pay to have your item(s) shipped or pick them up in person at an event I’ll be at!

CARDED ACTION FIGURES – AEW figures are available, routinely for $30-35 each. I also have WWE Elites for $20 and WWE Basics for $15. I have a select few older figures from late 90s-early 2000s. Generally nothing that pre-dates that.

LOOSE ACTION FIGURES – The vast majority I have are from the 1997-2005 timeframe and are $5 each. Select WWE Mattel figures at $7, WCW Galoob (early 1990s) at $10-15, WWF Hasbro (early-mid 1990s) at $15, and WWF LJN (1980s) at $15. Rarer collector’s items include a loose WCW Galoob El Gigante ($75), Dustin Rhodes ($150), and WWF Hasbro Razor Ramon in purple attire ($100).


LUCHA MASKS – Various sizes, styles, and colors. $12-20 each.


TRADING CARDS – Predominantly WWF Classic cards from the 1990-2004 and the WCW set of 1990, but some select 1980s WWF, late 1990s WCW, and newer WWE as well. $1 per card.


MAGAZINES – Predominantly WWE Mags from 2000s-2010s and “Apter mags” (PWI, Wrestler, Inside Wrestling, etc) from the 1990s. Also various other titles like Wrestling All Starts, New Wave Wrestling etc. All magazines pre-dating 1980 are currently SOLD OUT. I generally don’t have any PWI 500s, WWF 1980s mags, WWF event programs, or WCW mags, as they sell quickly after posting. Prices: $5-15


SIGNED ITEMS – Select 11×17 or 8×10 signed photos of globally recognized stars. Many come with a Certificate of Authenticity. $5-$20


VHS TAPES – Select 1990s WWF and UFC releases available. $5-$10


MISC DVDs – Independent events from the likes of PWG, FIP & Wrestling Revolver, shoot interviews, WWF/E compilations and more. $5 each!

E-Mail or DM for more info on any or all items!