AJ Styles: The Missing Matches Vol. 2 AVAILABLE NOW On DVD & Digital!

AJ Styles: The Missing Matches Vol. 2 AVAILABLE NOW On DVD & Digital!

The mere mention of the name AJ Styles conjures up images of breathtaking athleticism, awe-inspiring action, and some of the greatest matches and moments pro wrestling has produced over the past twenty years. With thousands of matches to his resume, it’s only natural that several fall through the cracks of the mainstream. We tried to compile the best and brightest for you in our original “AJ Styles: The Missing Matches” release, but it just wasn’t enough! We’ve found 13 more rarely or never-before-released gems that showcase the phenomenal journey of AJ from his early rise to stardom to his time as a global sensation!


AJ vs. Rob Van Dam

AJ & Christopher Daniels vs. Lance Storm & Andy Simmonz

AJ vs. Sterling James Keenan (aka Corey Graves)

AJ vs. Christopher Daniels vs. Chris Sabin

AJ vs. Abyss

AJ vs. Jerry Lynn

AJ vs. Chris Hero

AJ vs. Christopher Daniels vs. Homicide

AJ vs. Homicide

AJ vs. Paul Burchill

Plus incredible rematches of bouts showcased in Vol. 1, including:

AJ vs. CM Punk

AJ vs. Samoa Joe

AJ vs. Facade

Special Appearance by The Young Bucks and Gallows & Anderson!

Plus: Hear AJ unfiltered in rarely seen highlights of live Q&A sessions with fans!

Includes commentary from: Joe Dombrowski, New Jack, Pete Rosenberg, Pope D’Angelo Dinero, Tracy Smothers & more!

Approx. Runtime: 4.5 Hours

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