“Prime Cuts – Before They Were Stars” Available Now on DVD & Digital

Independent wrestling has always been a breeding ground for the stars of tomorrow – a chance to get in on the ground floor and watch someone grow from rookie to legend. Such is the case with many wrestlers who have passed through PWO/PRIME Wrestling. While numerous members of the roster have gone on to high-profile opportunities, international tours, and appearances in some of the largest wrestling organizations in the world, we’ve selected the most prolific examples of competitors who are changing the wrestling world for the better today! While they are watched by millions in over 100 countries on a weekly basis now, their first national television exposure came in these rare matches that helped shape all of these men and women into the rising superstars they are today!

Brodie Lee (Luke Harper) & Marion Fontaine vs. Kevin Nash & Aaron Draven (w/Justin LaBar)

Brodie Lee (Luke Harper) vs. Johnny Gargano

Brodie Lee (Luke Harper) vs. Gregory Iron

Brodie Lee (Luke Harper) vs. Corey Winters

Michael Hutter (Ethan Carter III) & Jason Bane vs. Johnny Gargano & Josh Prohibition

Michael Hutter (Ethan Carter III) vs. Josh Prohibition

Ashley Lane (Madison Rayne) vs. Sassy Steph

Shiima Xion (DJ Z) vs. Gory

Shiima Xion (DJ Z) vs. Matthew Justice

Raymond Rowe vs. Gran Akuma

Marti Belle vs. Jessie Kaye

Logan Shulo (Elias Samson) & Aiden Veil vs. Gory & Kirst

Mark Andrews, Bryan Castle & Jay Flash vs. N8 Mattson, Benjamin Boone & Bobby Shields

Plus: Interviews, video packages & more!

Approx. 3 hours for only $20 on DVD or $9.99 via Digital Download!

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