“PRIME Cuts – Johnny Gargano: A Coming of Age – Part 1 (2007-2010)” Available Now On DVD & Digital Download

Before “The Whole Shebang”, before “Johnny Wrestling”, before the worldwide fame and appeal… Johnny Gargano was a 20-year-old kid with a chip on his shoulder, quickly beginning to dominate the wrestling scene. In this, part one of a special two-part series, watch Johnny Gargano in his early years, and see him transform from ego-driven child to respected athlete capable of carrying an entire promotion on his back! See Gargano’s first supercard main events, as he takes on the area’s best in wild and chaotic no-rules wars that left fans in attendance standing in disbelief! From masterful mat wrestling to wild balcony dives, Johnny Gargano did it all to make his mark in professional wrestling, and now you can see him go through his “Coming of Age” in Johnny’s first “PRIME Cuts”!

Johnny Gargano vs. M-Dogg Matt Cross (in both their first meeting and their wild No Disqualification rematch!)
No Disqualification: Johnny Gargano vs. Josh Prohibition
Last Man Standing Match: Johnny Gargano vs. Gregory Iron
Johnny Gargano vs. Colin Delaney (w/Sassy Steph)
Johnny Gargano & Josh Prohibition vs. The Olsen Twins (w/Sassy Steph)
Johnny Gargano & Josh Prohibition (w/Ashley Lane aka Madison Rayne) vs. Marion Fontaine & Josh Abercrombie
Johnny Gargano vs. Marion Fontaine
Johnny Gargano vs. N8 Mattson
Johnny Gargano vs. Mike Tolar
PLUS: Johnny Gargano’s violent and uncomfortable attack of Gregory Iron, including Johnny’s physical altercation with Michael Hutter (aka Ethan Carter III), special video packages, and much more!

Approx. 4 hours for only $20 on DVD or $15 via Digital Download!

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