Two “Montreal Screwjob” T-Shirt Designs Available!

Last year, the release of “The Montreal Theory” led to a whirlwind of discussion and debate about the validity of 1997’s infamous “Montreal Screwjob” involving Vince McMahon, Bret Hart, and a slew of supporting cast. Some were convinced we were never told the whole, true story, some swear by the official story as gospel. Regardless of your opinion, “Montreal Theory” was a different spin on reality that made you think, and entertained you in the process.

Now, show the world your love for questioning the establishment and looking beyond the surface – official “Montreal Theory” T-Shirts are now available in two great designs!

“Investigate Montreal Theory” – Simple and effective. Includes cartoon drawings of Vince & Bret, plus the URL to!

“Investigate 11/9/97” – The date of the infamous deed in question plus Canadian maple leaf, magnifying glass & URL!

Three easy ways to get your shirt –

1) Available in the “Store” section of

2) Order via Pro Wrestling Tees at

3) Available at any shows, cards or events in which Joe Dombrowski will be appearing at

Show that you’re a Montreal Screwjob truther and order now!