“Von Erich Dynasty: Masters Of The Iron Claw” DVD Offers Most Comprehensive Look At Family’s In-Ring Career Ever Released! Order Now!


“Von Erich Dynasty: Masters Of The Iron Claw” DVD Offers Most Comprehensive Look At Family’s In-Ring Career Ever Released! Order Now!

The story of the Von Erich family has always been tied to so many tragic events that occurred during their time in, and even pre-dating, pro wrestling, a harrowing story recently presented in the feature film “The Iron Claw”. While we’ve all heard the tragedies, sometimes the triumphs get lost in the shuffle. We are excited to present this brand new DVD & Digital offering that shows some of the rarest & greatest matches from the entire history of the Von Erich name in pro wrestling. From the famous brothers to the non-blood “relatives” and everywhere in between, we cover it all in this 8+ hour release showcasing over 30 matches with rare bonus footage and extras!

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They were the most famous wrestling family in the world

From local country boys in Denton County, Texas, to worldwide phenomenons, the emergence of The Von Erich Family as pro wrestling and pop culture icons will never be forgotten.

Now, travel back to the world-famous Sportatorium in Dallas, and throughout the world as well, as we present some of the rarest and greatest matches and moments in Von Erich history. The whole family is here – Fritz, David, Kerry, Kevin, Mike, Chris, the next generation of Ross, Marshall, and Lacey, and even the non-blood relatives Lance and Waldo, in over 30 matches, spanning over 8 hours..

Action from the world famous Sportatorium in Dallas, TX plus Hawaii, South Africa, St. Louis and many more locations!

“Modern Day Warrior” Kerry Von Erich challenges NWA World Champion Ric Flair, battles Jerry “The King” Lawler for the Unified World Title, and faces one-on-one competition from Mark Calaway, Sid Vicious, Greg Valentine, The Soultaker (Charles Wright), Brian Adias, The Missing Link, and in one of his final televised matches, Black Bart!

Kevin Von Erich in a never-before-seen match against The Tasmaniac (aka Taz), plus battles with “Hollywood” John Tatum, Zap (aka Johnny Grunge), and even The Great Muta!

David Von Erich chases the NWA World’s Title in a series of matches with Harley Race, plus teams with Ted DiBiase to face Baron Von Rashle & Dick Murdoch!

The Von Erich vs. Fabulous Freebirds war rages on as Mike Von Erich battles Michael PS Hayes, Kevin battles Hayes, and Kevin and Kerry team up to face Buddy & Terry Gordy in a wild Badstreet Rules Match!

Chris Von Erich teams with “Gentleman” Chris Adams to face the team of Steve Austin and Percy Pringle III!

Kerry teams with Jeff Jarrett to face members of another wrestling dynasty – Samu and Fatu – The Samoan Swat Team, then teams with Bill Dundee vs. The Studd Stable, and joins with both to battle Jerry Lawler as part of a six-man tag!

Lance Von Erich looks to live up to his namesake in battles with Buddy Roberts, Iceman King Parsons and teams with Sherri Martel!

Ross & Marshall Von Erich, Kevin’s sons, step into action against the likes of Kenny & Mikey of The Squad, Ryan Nemeth, Tatanka, Kid Kash, Lance Anoa’i, and even team with Iceman King Parsons!

Kerry’s daughter, Lacey Von Erich faces Angel Orsini and is interviewed by the legendary Bill Apter!

See the early years of the Von Erich name as patriarch Fritz takes on Reggie Parks and Yukon Eric, while his tag team partner Waldo battles Gene DuBois!

Plus rare interviews, special features, a few surprises, the “lost” Von Erich and more! Over 30 matches in all!

Approx: 8+ hours

“The Von Erich Dynasty – Masters of the Iron Claw” Yours to own forever on DVD and Digital! 

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