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Welterweight Wrestling 4 is in the books, and you already have the chance to pre-order the DVD! This two-disc set is over 5 hours in length and features the entire Welterweight Wrestling 4 PPV in its entirety plus hours of extras! Order now for immediate shipping!


Welterweight Championship Four-Way Match: Nate Wings (c) vs. Dylan Bostic vs. Ace Perry vs. Gory

Unsanctioned, Weight-Limit Waived: Brian Pillman Jr. vs. Gregory Iron

Trey Miguel vs. DJ Z

Myron Reed vs. Sonny Vice

Lee Moriarty vs. Ryan Kidd

Welterweight Rumble – Atticus Cogar, Ashton Day, Malcolm Monroe III, Patrick Scott, Stevie Shields, Jordan Oliver, Dame Smith, Nick Nero, Calvin Couture, Marc-Anthony Alejandro, Josh Fuller

Gavin Glass vs. Adrian Quest

Sage Philips & Cole Radrick vs. Shawn Phoenix & Alex Jordan


Rey Mysterio Jr, Penta El 0M, Rey Fenix vs. Juventud Guerrera, Psychosis, Super Crazy

Rey Horus vs. Bestia 666 vs. Ryan Kidd


Afternoon Weigh-Ins

Official Countdown Show

Post-Event Comments From Dylan Bostic & Ace Perry

Ace Perry vs. Bret Havoc vs. Gory

Nate Wings vs. Dylan Bostic

Nate Wings vs. Lee Moriarty

Lee Moriarty vs. Ace Perry

Nate Wings vs. Atticus Cogar

Ace Perry’s Confronting of Nate Wings and Joe Dombrowski Leading Up To Welterweight 4

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Tensions, emotions, and volatility hit new heights as the stakes continue to rise in Welterweight Wrestling 3. With turmoil and trust issues surrounding the Welterweight Championship, the title scene is in a state of chaos, meanwhile, a locker room full of hungry contenders begin to position themselves to one day challenge for the crown! It’s the most competitive and hungry talent roster in pro wrestling LIVE on PPV, with tons of extras, bonus matches, weigh-ins and more!

Welterweight Championship Match:
Gory w/ Atticus Cogar vs.Nate Wings

Dylan Bostic vs. Ace Perry

Four-Way Elimination Match
Myron Reed vs. Trey Miguel vs. Ace Austin vs. Cole Radrick

Ten-Man Elimination Tag Match
Rory Gulak, Rayo, Eye Candy Elliott Paul, Bret Havoc & The Whisper vs. Ophidian The Cobra, Frightmare, Cornelius Crummels, Shawn Phoenix, Alex Jordan

Lee Moriarty vs. Gregory Iron

Gavin Glass vs. Ryan Kidd

Stevie Fierce vs. Sage Philips

Sonny Vice vs. Ryan Cassidy

PLUS: Lifetime Achievement Award to Flyin’ Brian Pillman Accepted By Brian Pillman Jr.

BONUS: Rey Mysterio & DJ Z vs. Welterweight Champion Gory & Ophidian

PLUS MP4/DVD Exclusive Extras Including:
– Afternoon Weigh-Ins In Their Entirety!
– The Welterweight 3 Countdown Show featuring Jason Kincaid vs. Ace Perry, video recap packages, and comments from over a dozen Welterweights!
-Welterweight Champion Gory vs. Rayo (first Welterweight Title defense in an outside promotion – International Wrestling Cartel)
– Ace Perry vs. Nate Wings
– Welterweight Champion Gory vs. Ace Perry vs. Nate Wings
– Ace Austin vs. Lee Moriarty
– Ace Perry vs. Dylan Bostic
– Welterweight Champion Gory vs. Sage Philips

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Hot off of the critically acclaimed debut event, Welterweight Wrestling 2 picks up where the inaugural event left off. With a young, hungry roster of professional wrestlers 185 lbs and under, many overlooked, underappreciated, or deemed to be this generation’s version of “too small to be in the main event” like cruiserweights and junior heavyweights in eras before them, these athletes get their chance to compete on a level playing field, where size won’t hinder them, and the size of their heart can propel them to greatness! See the action unfold in a 3-camera full-HD shoot that captures every second of the high-octane, adrenaline-fueled action!


Welterweight Championship: Ace Perry vs. Gory

Anthony Henry vs. Jason Kincaid

7-Way Elimination Scramble #1 Contender’s Match: Ophidian vs. Rory Gulak vs. Myron Reed vs. Nate Wings vs. Ryan Kidd vs. The Whisper vs. Lee Moriarty

The Amazing Graysons (w/Tony Mamaluke) vs. Cole Radrick & Sage Philips

Ace Austin vs. Bu Ku Dao

Gavin Glass vs. Sonny Kiss

Trey Miguel vs. Sonny Vice

Eye Candy Elliott & Tyler Nitro vs. Shawn Phoenix & Alex Jordan

Atticus Cogar (w/Otis Cogar) vs. Cornelius Crummels (w/Sonny Defarge)

Plus: A Special Appearance by Gregory Iron & more!

Plus Bonus Footage Including:

Afternoon Weigh-Ins In Their Entirety
Exclusive Post-Event Footage Not Shown On PPV
Welterweight Champion Ace Perry vs. Jonathan Gresham
Welterweight Champion Ace Perry vs. Gregory Iron
Nate Wings vs. Gavin Glass vs. Sage Philips vs. MV Young
Dylan Bostic vs. Anton Alexiev
Ryan Kidd vs. Adrian Quest
Over Ten Pre & Post Match Promos

Approx Runtime: 5 Hours


It was the first time ever a locker room comprised entirely of athletes 185 lbs and under converged together to prove they belong. It was the first time a concept was devised to take the idea of size and weight class in pro wrestling to a new level. It was the first time in U.S.-based pro wrestling that a Welterweight Champion was crowned!

Available now – the very first Welterweight Wrestling event in its entirety! Four hours on two discs! Watch this generation’s version of the overlooked and underappreciated show the size of their heart, their desire, their passion, their fearlessness, and their ambitions!

Featuring the entire live iPPV emanating from Turners Hall in Cleveland, Ohio!

Seven-Man Elimination Scramble To Crown A First-Ever Welterweight Champion!

Seven Qualifying Round Matches To Determine Who Advances To The Main Event:

Gory vs. Ophidian
Kevin Bennett vs. Cloudy
Ace Austin vs. Ace Perry
Dylan Bostic vs. Ryan Kidd
Cam Zagami vs. Nate Wings
Rayo vs. Marino Tenaglia
Lee Moriarty vs. Gavin Glass vs. Sage Philips vs. Sonny Vice

Tag Team Attraction: The Amazing Graysons vs. Sonny Defarge & Cornelius Crummels vs. Shawn Phoenix & Alex Jordan

Atticus Cogar vs. Bryen Douglas

– The complete 60-minute countdown special!
– Exclusive afternoon weigh-ins!
– The complete live intermission show including bonus match “Savvy” Sid Scala vs. “Playboy” Lewis Howley
– Bonus promos not seen in the countdown special!
– The very first interview with the brand new Welterweight Champion!
And more!

Hosted by Joe Dombrowski & “The Franchise” Shane Douglas!

Order now and own a part of history!

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