“Wrestling From The Heartland: The Lost Developmental Territory – Volume 3” On Sale Now On DVD & Digital!

“Wrestling From The Heartland: The Lost Developmental Territory – Volume 3” On Sale Now On DVD & Digital!



You’re being shipped back to developmental! Head back into one of the largest pro wrestling empire’s feeder territories during the most rapidly changing era in our industry’s history as we present our third installment of some of the best matches and moments you never knew about! Cincinnati is the location as dozens of rookies and prospects look to find their place in a constantly evolving world, encounter legends and pitfalls, and ultimately become part of history themselves. Some reach superstardom, while others become a matter of “What If?…”. Legendary wrestler, promoter, trainer, and the man who oversaw the developmental process in Cincinnati, the incomparable and always opinionated Les Thatcher, sits down with Joe Dombrowski once again to share the stories behind the story and what went on when the cameras turned off!

Enjoy these rare matches, in their only surviving form, previously thought lost to time for over twenty years, but now yours town own as the third installment of one of the rarest sets of match footage ever put together!


*Kevin Nash appears as coach of The Natural Born Thrillers as Mark Jindrak, Chuck Palumbo, and Mike Sanders compete in a very rare triple-threat trios match. In other words — a NINE-man tag match!

*It’s a battle of super-heavyweights and a future pay-per-view main event when Mark Henry battles Paul Wight (aka The Big Show) with legendary manager Jim Cornette in Paul’s corner!

*Watch what happens when four wrestlers who just got released from their contracts earlier that day change the plan of their tag match without the promoter’s knowledge on their last night in the promotion!

*D’Lo Brown and EZ Money settle their long-standing rivalry in a humiliating “Kiss My Ass” match!

*Learn why you NEVER want to make a Samoan angry! Ekmo & Kimo (aka the future Umaga & Rosey and Three Minute Warning) take on Shannon Moore & Evan Karagias (the former Three Count) in a No DQ war!

*Breathtaking cruiserweight action from the likes of Jamie Noble, Brian “Spanky” Kendrick, Jimmy Yang, BJ Whitmer, Shark Boy, Kaz Kayashi, Matt Stryker and more!

*A rare match featuring ex-bitter rivals Raven and Tommy Dreamer as tag team partners!

*Women’s action features legendary names like Leilani Kai and Malia Hosaka testing themselves against the top prospects of the era!

Over 35 globally known wrestling stars in all including: Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat, Haku, King Kong Bundy, Steve Blackman, Tony Atlas, Stevie Richards, Bryan Adams, Bill “Hugh Morrus” DeMott, Chris Kanyon, Lance Cade, Nick Dinsmore, Rene Dupree, Chris Nowinski, Horace Hogan and more!

Approx Running Time: 6 hours. 24 matches in total!

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