The Montreal Theory: Facade Tells Us His Montreal Theory


Could Bret have been secretly in on the Montreal Screwjob? We set out to get theories of some of the industry’s most well-known personalities in conjunction with the release of “The Montreal Theory”, a 2-disc investigative shoot-style documentary that examines that very question from every angle possible, with a list of compelling thought-provoking reasoning, and a very educated panel of wrestling insiders & legends.

This week, we talk to “The Neon Ninja” and “Aerosol Assassin” one of the fastest rising stars on the independents today, Facade!

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Conspiracy theories have been a part of American culture for decades. Accusations of deception and corruption exist in every facet of our society. It only makes sense that an industry such as pro wrestling – which has long carried a “believe none of what you hear and only half of what you see” mentality internally – would have questions posed about the most controversial incident to take place in its modern era.

“The Montreal Theory” takes the official story of events leading up to, including, and following the infamous screwjob at the 1997 Survivor Series, and shows you how and why Bret very well COULD have been secretly in on it too!

From evidence of Vince & Bret discussing the ending well in advance, to the all-too-convenient presence of a documentary film crew backstage. From a controversial punch seen by precious few people to secret information of a co-conspirator that can’t be revealed until the source’s death. From speculation of many top minds, some of which were even involved in the match itself, to the near-perfect storytelling, and the fact that EVERYONE involved got what they wanted out of the match finish, and everyone benefited in a very big way as a direct result of what happened.

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