“Montreal Theory” Heads to PWS This Friday Night

“Montreal Theory” Comes To Pro Wrestling Syndicate This Friday

We’re pleased announce the crew of the new docu-shoot “The Montreal Theory” will be appearing this Friday, April 5 at the Pro Wrestling Syndicate supercard at the SportsPlex on 215 Durham Ave in Metuchen, NJ selling copies of the brand new DVD release. This will be the FIRST chance anywhere in the world of going home with your very own copy of the “Theory”. For more information on the event, check out www.ProWrestlingSyndicate.com

If you can’t make it out to PWS, you can also pick up your copy at Wrestlecon in Secaucus, NJ on Saturday from 9am-5pm or Sunday from 9am-2pm, along with tons of other great wrestling DVDs & rare collectibles. For more info on the Con, check out www.Wrestlecon.com