Premier Championship Wrestling’s “Doomsday” – Saturday, June 8 – RESULTS POSTED


Official results of Premier Championship Wrestling’s “Doomsday” this past Saturday –
Malcolm Monroe III defeated Nate Wings
“AMAZING” N8 MATTSON beat Sless Taylor
Cornelius Crummels & Sonny Defarge beat Big Facts (Eli Shelton & Jason Page)
Andrew Palace beat Coach Valentino (After the bout, Valentino refused to leave the ring. Security intervened, but Valentino hit the head of security with a low blow then assaulted him)
Remy LaVey beat Tony Johnson. As a result, Cornelius Crummels & Sonny Defarge select the stipulation for their Premier Tag Title Match against The Mane Event scheduled for Saturday, July 6.
Atticus Cogar defeated Calvin Couture
Honey Badger beat Rachel Bostic via count-out
Cisco Silver pinned Sam Beale, then issued a warning to Dylan Bostic afterward.
Chris LeRusso defeated Premier Champion Jason Gory to win the title. LeRusso had verbally goaded an angry Atticus Cogar to ringside, seemingly to maniplate the situation, as due to the match stipulation, if Atticus had gotten involved, Gory would be stripped of the title and LeRusso declared champion. As Gory & officials attempted to reason with an enraged Atticus, LeRusso capitalized on the confusion and pinned the reigning champion. After the match, Gory and Atticus came to blows and needed to be separated by officials as well as fellow Culmination member Remy LaVey.
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