“Wrestling From The Heartland: The Lost Developmental Territory Volume 2” AVAILABLE NOW!


Our journey into pro wrestling’s biggest developmental system continues, as we uncover more hidden gems and rare classics previously thought lost to time presented to you in their last surviving form! Dozens of young hopefuls and established veterans alike fight to survive in the midst of a rapidly changing industry in 2001-02! See their progress, their pitfalls, their learning experiences, and their triumphs as they all attempt to advance to global superstardom! Hear the expert commentary of HWA owner/trainer Les Thatcher as he joins Joe Dombrowski to reveal the inside stories of those who went on to become household names, and those who fell through the cracks.

Matches Include:

*John Cena battles Lance Cade in a match that takes place in the middle of a baseball stadium!

*The very first match of “Rapid Delivery” Rory Fox! Portions of this match were seen on MTV’s “True Life: I’m A Pro Wrestler” in 1999 but now you can see the match in FULL for the first time and hear Les’ memories of working with MTV and the original rookie subject of the series that self-destructed during filming!

*One of the final matches of the legendary Dean Malenko!

*In a match of different cruiserweight eras, Sean “X-Pac” Waltman battles Jamie Noble! Plus, lots more exciting cruiserweight action with the likes of Shannon Moore, Jimmy Yang, BJ Whitmer and more!

*In a unique clash of styles, Nigel McGuiness goes one-on-one with Steve Blackman!

*Pro football legend Ickey Woods serves as a guest manager for Victoria in a Women’s Tag Team Match!

Plus over 20 additional globally recognized names including Rhino, Al Snow, Rikishi, D’Lo Brown, Raven, Val Venis, The Island Boys (aka Umaga/Jamal & Rosey), Brian Adams, Brian “Spanky” Kendrick, Tony Atlas, Shark Boy, Pepper Parks (aka The Blade), Funaki, Rico Constantino, Evan Karagias, Nidia, Kwee Wee, Shawn Stasiak, EZ Money, Jody Fleisch & Jonny Storm, Matt Stryker, Chad Collyer & more!

25 Matches In All! Over 6 hours of rare and never-before-seen footage!

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Full match listing:

Jamie Noble vs. Jimmy Yang

Steve Blackman vs. Nigel McGuiness

Jamie Noble vs. Shannon Moore vs. Matt Styker vs. Dean Baldwin

Victoria & Nidia (w/Ickey Woods) vs. Helena Heavenly & Donna Derring

Rico Constantino vs. Shawn Stasiak

Island Boys vs. Evan Karagias & Shannon Moore

Chad Collyer vs. Spanky

Jamie Noble vs. Race Steele

Haku, Kwee Wee, Brian Adams vs. Val Venis, Steve Blackman, Tony B

Rhino vs. Race Steele

Funaki vs. Matt Stryker

Jamie Noble vs. Shannon Moore

Rory Fox & Anthony McMurphy vs. Brian Taylor & GQ Masters III

Pepper Parks vs. Matt Stryker vs. Shark Boy (Start at 0:15; play through till end)

Al Snow vs. Bull Pain

Jody Fleisch & Jonny Storm vs. Spanky & Chad Collyer

Haku & Lance Cade vs. Island Boys w/Rikishi

Spanky vs. Shannon Moore

Matt Stryker vs. Jamie Noble vs. Shannon Moore vs. BJ Whitmer

Rory Fox vs. Tony Atlas

Jamie Noble/Helena Heavenly/Dean Malenko vs. Matt Stryker/Brandi Alexander/Shannon Moore

Raven vs. Steve Bradley (STREETFIGHT)

EZ Money vs. D’Lo Brown

X-Pac vs. Jamie Noble

John Cena vs. Lance Cade