Welterweight Wrestling Is Formed! Live event and iPPV Sunday May, 7, 2017! **BUY TICKETS HERE

What Is Welterweight Wrestling? Welterweight Wrestling is quite simply the next evolution in the progression of the modern professional wrestler and the emergence of this generation’s underutilized, supposedly undersized talent. Our style is fast, progressive, competitive, athletically-based, and full of the heart, fire, and passion possessed by a crop of young athletes working themselves to the bone for the chance to prove to everyone they can that they belong in this business at a high level.

In the 1990s, cruiserweight and light or junior heavyweight wrestling was still very much a strange and foreign concept. Size, power, and bulk seemed to be the widespread strategy for success, with nationally broadcast events dominated by heavyweights and super-heavyweights, often in excess of 275-300 lbs. Slowly, a movement began, as smaller athletes who had been overlooked by wrestling offices, began to garner attention… Jerry Lynn, The Lightning Kid (Sean Waltman), Flyin’ Brian Pillman, Jushin “Thunder” Liger, Dean Malenko, Eddie Guerrero, and numerous others forced fans, officials, and insiders alike to re-think their mentality on how important physical stature was to one’s entertainment value.

Fast-forward to 2017, and cruiserweight-sized athletes are more prevalent than ever thanks to things like the Cruiserweight Classic, the X Division, and 205 Live over the years. But, perhaps with that acceptance, we have lost the rebel spirit. With the 205 lb athletes of the world finding a much-deserved home, where is this generation’s crop of athletes to stand up and say “This is MY business too, and I can hang with anyone no matter my size!” just as the Pillmans and Lynns and Guerreros before them. The athletes that have to work twice as hard just to receive half of the attention. Those athletes have a home. They are no longer overlooked. They are now… welterweights.

Let the next breakthrough in pro wrestling begin.

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