Premier Championship Wrestling Presents “Outbreak” on Saturday, March 9 – OFFICIAL RESULTS POSTED!

We tried to contain the hostility, but Premier Championship Wrestling stars are poised for an outbreak of aggression and rage as the battle for momentum and glory continues! Join us on Saturday, March 9 from historic Turners Hall in Cleveland, OH! Tickets on sale NOW below –

Official results from Premier Championship Wrestling “Outbreak” this past Saturday night –

Tony Johnson (representing The Mane Event/LeRusso’s Court) defeated Remy LaVey (representing The Culmination)

Laura Loveless beat Londyn Ali

Ace Perry beat Ophidian The Cobra via submission

Cisco Silver won the Championship Contender’s Scramble, also involving Andrew Palace, Sonny Defarge, Bret Havoc, Calvin Couture, and Malcolm Monroe III. As a result, Cisco will receive a title shot of his choosing whenever he wants it.

The Commission (Lexx Vegas & JaXon Kade) defeated System Elite (Ty Cross & Edric Everhart)

Welterweight Wrestling Champion Dylan Bostic beat Nate Wings in a match where the title could also change hands via disqualification or count-out

Zoey Skye beat Miss Hannah

Nick Lendl beat Dave Kich (J-Rocc and Andrew Palace were scheduled to be handcuffed to ringside, but due to J-Rocc encountering transportation issues, he was not in attendance)

Premier Champion Jason Gory pinned Atticus Cogar. After the match, both Gory & Cogar showed respect to one another, made amends, and along with Remy LaVey, the entire Culmination demanded the re-instatement of all suspended members of Chris LeRusso’s Court, claiming what they will do to them is far worse than any other punishment. Director of Operations Joe Dombrowski granted the request and announced LeRusso’s Court will return to action next month!

Premier Championship Wrestling returns to historic Turners Hall on Sunday, April 28 at 5pm for “Fallout”!